Real Estate Development

Because we do so much work with local cities, we possess a unique understanding of each local community, how to navigate the public approval and regulatory process, engage public agencies and collaborate with both public and private stakeholders throughout Silicon Valley. Clients include institutional and international investors, technology companies, REIT’s, educational institutions, sports franchises, health care providers, local developers and others seeking a presence, local knowledge, development expertise and goodwill in Silicon Valley.

Real Estate Development & Land Use Entitlement Services

  • Property Strategies
    • Acquisition & Disposition Strategies
    • Property Due Diligence
    • Development Feasibility Evaluation
    • Highest & Best Use Analysis
  • Owner Representation
    • Project Team Selection & Management
    • Master Planning & Design Oversight
    • Budget & Schedule Management
  • Development Management
    • Land Use Entitlement Processing
    • Discretionary Approvals & Permits
    • CEQA Processing & Certification
    • Conditions of Approval
  • Economic Development
    • Public-Private Partnerships
    • Economic & Fiscal Strategies
    • Development Agreement Strategies